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Business & Elections


The following positions will be elected at diocesan convention:

Diocesan Council (1 Lay, 1 Clergy)

The council serves as the governing authority of the diocese and administers the secular affairs including the budget, managing resources, creation of task forces, and more. There are six members serving three year terms.

Standing Committee (1 Lay, 1 Clergy)

The Standing Committee serves as the council of advice to the bishop and assumes the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese when there is a bishop vacancy in addition to other duties. The six members also serve on Diocesan Council and serve three year terms.

Trustee (5 persons, any order)

The Trustees have oversight and make investment decisions concerning funds belonging to the diocese and some individual congregations. The eight members serve four years.

The following positions are up for election:

  • Two terms to end in 2024

  • Two unfinished terms to end in 2023

  • One unfinished term to end in 2022

Synod Deputies (1 Lay, 1 Clergy)

The Provincial Synod is the governing body of Province V of the Episcopal Church. It meets once every three years in the Spring preceding the General Convention. Elected deputies for the next General Convention are eligible to run.

The 2021 Synod Meeting is planned to be a virtual gathering.


The deadline to submit nominations was September 1st.

The nominated candidates will be emailed to delegates and clergy and posted on the diocesan website by the canonical deadline of October 1.


Resolutions may come to the floor of convention in three ways:

  • Originating in the Diocesan Council

  • Originating in the Standing Committee

  • By petition from at least four lay and four clergy delegates

The deadline to submit a resolution was September 1st.

The proposed resolutions will be reviewed by the committee, and emailed to delegates and clergy and posted on the diocesan website by the canonical deadline of October 1.


The 2020 convention will be held jointly with our partner diocese, Western Michigan. Members of the two dioceses may offer a resolution that can be considered by the two conventions together. Any joint resolution approved by the conventions of both dioceses will be considered a resolution of both dioceses separately and jointly.

To comply with the canons of both dioceses, a joint resolution must be signed by four clergy members and four lay members from each diocese.

The deadline to submit a joint resolution was September 1st.



If there have been delegate changes, please submit updated information to



High school aged young people are invited to participate at the diocesan convention by applying to become a Youth Delegate.

Youth delegates will be appointed at-large by the Standing Committee. There is no cost to be a youth delegate to the convention.

Click here to apply to become a youth delegate.