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Business & Elections

Nominations for Election

The following positions will be elected at diocesan convention:

Diocesan Council (1 Lay, 1 Clergy)
Standing Committee (1 Lay, 1 Clergy)
Trustee (2 persons)
Deputy to the General ConventionĀ (4 Lay, 4 Clergy, additional alternates)

Click here to submit a nomination.



Resolution submissions must be received by the canonical deadline of August 19th.

Resolutions may come to the floor of convention in three ways:

  • Originating in the Diocesan Council
  • Originating in the Standing Committee
  • By petition from at least four lay and four clergy delegates

Our Resolutions Committee has put together a great resources on drafting and submitting resolutions. Click here to download.

The proposed resolutions will be reviewed by the committee, and emailed to delegates and clergy and posted on the diocesan website by the canonical deadline of September 18th.

Click here to submit a resolution.



The convention will receive the 2020 budget, after it has been passed at the Diocesan Council’s September meeting. A draft version of the budget will be posted here as it becomes available.