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Business & Elections

NEW! Pre-Convention Meetings

Join us for one of three optional pre-convention meetings to prepare for the business session of convention. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn and ask questions about the proposed diocesan budget and any resolutions scheduled to appear on the floor.

The three pre-convention meetings will take place:

Wednesday, September 27th at St. Matthew’s, Saginaw from 6-7PM
Sunday, October 1st at Grace, Lapeer from 3-4PM
Wednesday, October 4th at St. Andrew’s, Gaylord from 6-7PM

Can’t make any? We will livestream the Saginaw and Lapeer gatherings on our Facebook page. Live participants will be able to ask questions and comment in real time. A recording of the meeting will be archived for others to access later on.

NEW! Newcomer Orientation

If you are new to the diocese, new to being a delegate, or just want a refresher, you are invited to join us at 4:00 on Friday for a brief newcomer orientation. We will touch on all of the basics of being a voting member of convention, including Roberts Rules of Order and how to discuss resolutions on the floor.

Nominations for Election

The following positions will be elected at diocesan convention:

Diocesan Council (1 Lay, 1 Clergy)
The Council serves as the governing authority of the diocese and administers the secular affairs including the budget, managing resources, creation of task forces, and more. There are six members serving three year terms.

Standing Committee (1 Lay, 1 Clergy)
The Standing Committee serves as the council of advice to the bishop and assumes the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese when there is a bishop vacancy in addition to other duties. The six members also serve on Diocesan Council and serve three year terms.

Trustee (2 persons)
The Trustees have oversight and make investment decisions concerning funds belonging to the diocese and some individual congregations. The eight members serve four year terms.

Provincial Synod Representative (2 Lay, 1 Clergy)
Those elected will represent the diocese at 2018’s Provincial Synod, a triennial gathering of Province V of the Episcopal Church, a regional governance structure. The convention will elect three total from the current Deputies to General Convention.

Each candidate must be nominated (by themselves or others) to appear on the ballot. The deadline for nominations is August 21st. The nominated candidates will be emailed to delegates and clergy and posted on the diocesan website by the canonical deadline of September 20th.

Click here to make a nomination.



Resolution submissions must be received no later than September 20th in accordance with the Canons of the Diocese.

Resolutions may come to the floor of convention in three ways:

  • Originating in Diocesan Council*
  • Originating in the Standing Committee*
  • By petition from at least four lay and four clergy delegates

Our Resolutions Committee has put together a great resource on drafting and submitting resolutions:

The proposed resolutions will be emailed to delegates and clergy and posted on the diocesan website by the canonical deadline of October 10th.

*The final meetings of the Diocesan Council and Standing Committee before the submission deadline are scheduled for September 1st.