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Online Format

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the joint convention will take place in a secure and private online format. This presents a handful of opportunities and challenges compared to our experiences of in-person gatherings.

We recommend the following to the parishes:

  • As available, identify a point person who might serve as local tech support for your delegation. You will be asked to provide contact information for this optional point person during the registration process.

  • As requirements allow, consider gathering in-person as a parish delegation during the online convention for mutual support and discussion. Each person will still need access to an internet-connected device and their email for voting.

  • If unable to gather together, consider how you might remove barriers to entry to participate in an online gathering. This may include access to space with an internet connection and access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • If an elected delegate is unable or unwilling to participate in an online gathering, consider inviting an alternative delegate to serve this year.

We acknowledge that online gathering is not optimal for the relationship building and collaboration that takes place at convention and that would have been especially possible in our first joint convention between our two partnering dioceses. Please join us in praying for an end to this pandemic, for wise and careful lawmaking, for smart and dedicated medical research, that we may move through this time with safety and compassion in mind, and that next year, should circumstances allow, we might greet one another in person once more.


After extensive research and conversation amongst many Episcopal dioceses, we have identified a secure online software to enable us to conduct a canonically appropriate election procedure. All delegates and clergy are invited to participate in a training session to test the software and get experience using it before the convention takes place.

To ensure fair and secure voting, each delegate and clergy person will be registered as a verified user. This requires each person to provide a unique email address for registration within the voting system. You will be asked to provide this for each person during the registration process. All voters will need access to their email during the course of the convention as polls open.

To put this requirement in context, consider the following examples:

  • Delegate Dave has an existing personal email address that only Dave uses. Delegate Dave is good to go!

  • Delegate Diane shares an email address with her spouse, Sam. Sam is not a delegate. Delegate Diane is good to go!

  • Delegate Dolly shares an email address with her spouse, Delegate Dan. They will not be able to vote without providing separate email addresses.

  • St. Swithen’s Church set up a common email address for all their delegates, They will not be able to vote unless each person provides a separate email address.


During the course of the meeting, a special Zoom “Tech Support” room will be set up to help address technological needs of individuals as they arise. We are in need of volunteers to staff this resource. If you would like to volunteer to serve the diocese in a tech support role during this convention, please contact Canon Katie Forsyth at

Additionally, a series of training/practice sessions have been scheduled for delegates to experience the online platform before the convention and to practice voting.

The following trainings will be offered for those assuming tech support lead roles for technology for your parish delegation, and will go a bit more in depth than the general training:

  • Thursday, October 1 at 7pm

  • Saturday, October 3 at 10am

The following trainings will be offered for all delegates:

  • Tuesday, October 13 at 2pm

  • Tuesday, October 13 at 7pm

  • Friday, October 16 at 2pm

  • Saturday, October 17 at 10am

  • Tuesday, October 20 at 2pm

  • Tuesday, October 20 at 7pm

  • Thursday, October 22 at 10am

  • Thursday, October 22 at 7pm

To keep the trainings as small as possible, each session is limited to 40 participants and requires signing up ahead of time.

Click here to sign up to participate in a training.