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Workshops & Trainings

Newcomer Orientation

If you are new to the diocese, new to being a delegate, or just want a refresher, you are invited to join us at 5pm on Friday for a brief newcomer orientation. We will touch on all of the basics of being a voting member of convention, including Roberts Rules of Order and how to discuss resolutions on the floor.

Optional Friday Trainings

We will offer two options for trainings on Friday before the convention opens for anyone looking for a convenient way to complete any requirements to holding leadership positions in their congregation or at the diocesan or church-wide level. To inquire if your certification has expired, please call the diocesan office.

Please register for a Friday training by October 11th.

  • Safeguarding God’s Children | 10:00-12:30pm
  • Safeguarding God’s People | 1:00-3:30pm
  • (FULL) Dismantling Racism | 10:00-5:00pm | $10 per person

Register for a Training.