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Jump into The Biblical Wild

posted January 5, 2016

Written by Katie Forsyth

An online study of scripture for everybody

The Biblical Wild is an award-winning video series hosted by Bishop Ousley that takes on study in Holy Scripture one week at a time. In 2015 we read and reflected on the entirety of the Old Testament. In 2016, we continue on in examination of the New Testament. The series will begin again on Thursday, January 7th. Participants can jump in at any time.  

Watch the introduction video announcing the beginning of the study above.

Hundreds of people and groups throughout the country are using The Biblical Wild for their individual and group study. Each week, a five-minute reflection video is posted to that covers the suggested daily readings for the week.   Participants can sign up to receive reminders in their email inbox each week.

Here’s a sneak peak at the first video of our study in the New Testament!


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