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Pastoral Care Series

As Christians we want to care and serve compassionately those among us who are sick, grieving, and dying, yet we don’t always know what to say or how to say it.

Pastoral visits are often put off or avoided because we lack confidence, not because we don’t care. We may question our abilities to be good listeners and wonder how to respond appropriately to what might be very difficult and painful questions from those we visit.

This Pastoral Care Series is designed for all people who desire to learn important skills necessary for pastoral visits to those whose lives are compromised, fragile and vulnerable, yet are in need of compassionate listening and conversation from friends and family. Becoming a confident pastoral care giver will be a gift to those you serve as well as enhancing your own life.

Listening Skills

September 17, 2016   |   9:30-3:30pm

Listening is something we all do every day, all day. But when listening is given as an intentional gift, it can be surprisingly healing and energizing. The ministry of listening will be taught and experienced in this workshop by examining what we naturally bring to each interaction, and learning new ways of hearing what is really being said. This workshop is a prerequisite for what follows in this series.

PRESENTERS: The Rev. Anna Leigh Kubbe, Deacon; the Rev. Sherry Young, Deacon

* Please note that this class is a requirement to take any other class in the Pastoral Care series.


Home & Hospital Visits

October 15, 2016   |   9:30-3:30pm

While building on the fundamentals of active listening, this workshop will focus on what happens when we enter someone’s private space. The ministry of visiting those who are now confined (temporarily or long term) will be viewed from a variety of perspectives. We will look at what each of us naturally bring in with us, and what we leave with those we visit. This workshop will provide practical guidelines, offer insights to help us understand, and give an opportunity to practice new skills.

PRESENTER: The Rev. Sherry Young, Deacon


Ministry with Caregivers and Dementia Patients

November 19, 2016   |   9:30-3:30pm

Increasing numbers of people find themselves in the role of caregiver for a family member. At the same time, the number of dementia diagnoses continues to grow.  These circumstances are both demanding and draining for caregivers and patients. This session will explore ways we can provide support and care to those whose energies are focused on caregiving or coping with dementia.

PRESENTER: The Rev. Sharon Naughton, Deacon


Grief, End of Life, and Hospice Care

December 10, 2016   |   9:30-3:30pm

This session offers specialized skills in listening, speaking and supporting individuals through grief, end of life issues and Hospice care.  Facing our own mortality as well as past experiences of grief and loss will be integrated throughout the session, as our own issues affect how we offer compassion and comfort to others.

PRESENTER: Rene’ Rosseau Wilson

Each class will take place at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church.
1523 North Oak Road
Davison, MI 48423

To register for any of the classes in the series, click the link below. The cost to attend is $25 per class or $80 for the series.

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