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Licensed Ministry Training

Worship Leader Training

According to the Canons of the Episcopal Church, a Worship Leader is a lay person who regularly leads public worship. In the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan worship leaders are often charged with more than leading Morning or Evening Prayer. They often plan services as well. Therefore, some exposure to church history, the church year and symbols, church polity, scripture, and music is included in the workshop.

Cost is minimal, covering materials and lunches. Specific dates, time, and sites will be announced 4-6 weeks prior to the offering of the workshop.

At the conclusion of the workshop each participant will be given a copy of the worship leader examination to be completed and sent in. Each person to be licensed is also required by diocesan policy to take the Safeguarding God’s People training offered through the Diocese and undergo a criminal background check.

Occasionally, more advanced and specific worship leader trainings will be offered.


Licensed Preacher Training

Training to become a licensed preacher in the Diocese of Eastern Michigan consists of two components:

  1. Classes in Holy Scripture through the Academy for Vocational Leadership or comparable program
  2. Preaching Practicum

Those who wish to become licensed preachers begin their preparation with the monthly Saturday classes in Holy Scripture offered at the Academy for Vocational Leadership. This survey of the Old and New Testaments consists of ten 5-hour sessions, September through June, at the Colombiere Retreat Center in Clarkston. The cost is $500 ($50 per session), which includes lunch and materials. Additional costs include textbooks and mileage to and from Colombiere.

Following completion of this class, or concurrently, individuals take the Preaching Practicum. This Practicum consists of twelve 3-hour sessions, with site and class schedule to be determined by the students and instructor. Participants learn about, discuss, and practice preaching, and they prepare and deliver three sermons at their home congregation. The tuition for the Preaching Practicum is $400 per student. Additional costs include textbooks and mileage to and from the class site.

After successful completion of both the Holy Scripture class and the Preaching Practicum, the rector/priest-in-charge/dean requests that a license be issued.

If you would like to talk about these classes, please contact the Rev. Dr. Valerie Fargo at or at 877-752-6020.