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Transition Ministry

Congregations seeking candidates

Candidates are invited to submit a current version of the OTM profile, letter of interest, and may submit a resume or vita. Materials should be submitted to the Rev. Canon Michael Spencer, Canon to the Ordinary, at For information about congregations in other stages of transition, please contact the Canon to the Ordinary.

Receiving names now; candidates are invited to express interest:

  • Rector, Transfiguration Indian River – OTM, Profile, Website

Receiving names soon; keep an eye on this page for updates:

  • Priest-in-Charge, Trinity Lexington, Website
  • Rector, St. John’s, Midland, Website

About Transition Ministry

Transition Ministry is the term used in the Episcopal Church when congregations are in periods of transition between clergy leaders. ┬áCongregations are said to be “in transition” from when the Rector or Priest-in-Charge (PIC) announces her/his plans to leave the congregation until the next Rector/PIC is installed.

Activities during a transition phase might include creating opportunities for leave-taking with the departing Rector/PIC, discernment of the congregation’s needs and desires for clergy leadership in the near and distant future, the calling and selection of an Interim Priest, a Rector/PIC search process, and/or discernment about non-traditional models of leadership and parish organization. In the recent past, Transition Ministry was referred to as “Deployment”.

Transition Ministry Resources