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Saturday Series for Lay Leaders

The Saturday Series includes the academic portion of the Academy for Vocational Leadership and is open to all interested students. Subjects have included Holy Scripture, Church History, and Theology and Ethics. Lectures are offered via video by professors from the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, TX. Discussions are facilitated by local mentors from the participating dioceses. You may attend individual sessions or an entire series.

For the 2020-21 academic year, the following classes will be offered:


The Year of the Bible

The Year of the Bible is a survey course which covers the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament thematically. This series offers a great foundation for anyone who wants to learn more about Holy Scripture and is also required for those seeking to become licensed lay preachers.

Sept 12:           Introduction to Biblical Studies – Register on/before 9/4
Oct 10:            The Pentateuch – Register on/before 10/1
Nov 7:              Deuteronomic History – Register on/before 10/31
Dec 5:              Prophetic Literature – Register on/before 11/28
Jan 16:             Psalms and Wisdom Literature – Register on/before 1/9
Feb 13:             Hellenistic and Roman Periods – Register on/before 2/6
Mar 13:            Gospel of Mark – Register on/before 3/6
Apr 10:             Gospels of Matthew and Luke/Acts – Register on/before 4/3
May 8:             Gospel of John/The Apostle Paul – Register on/before 5/1
June 5:            Paul and Pauline Literature – Register on/before 5/29

Cost:  $60 for each session or the entire series for $600.



Those seeking licensure for preaching are required to take the Year of the Bible and Homiletics sequentially over two years or together in one year. For more information about licensing, click here. 

Oct 10:   Session 1
Nov 7:    Session 2
Dec 5:    Session 3
Jan 16:   Session 4
Feb 13:   Session 5
Mar 13:  Session 6

Cost: Entire series for $200.


Registration Details

Registration: Register for a series by September 4th. Register for individual class sessions at least 10 days in advance.

Times:  Bible and Ethics take place on Saturdays from 9:30 – 3:30pm. Homiletics takes place from 7-9pm.

Location:  All sessions will be held online until further notice.

Click here to complete your registration.

For any questions or for additional information, please contact the Rev. Dr. Valerie Fargo, Director of the Coppage-Gordon School for Ministry at the diocese (989-752-6020) or at home  (989-708-7460).