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Social Service and Ministry Network Grants

About the Social Service & Ministry Network Grants

Whereas traditional Social Services grants primarily fund much needed programing in a specific geographic area, Networking is about relationships and finding innovative ministry connection possibilities across the diocese not bound by miles and accessibility.

It is the primary intention of the Social Services and Ministry Networks Grant Team that this funding:
  1. Supports new network ministries that are collaborative beyond traditional geographic and congregational lines (or)
  2. Expands existing ministries. Ongoing funding will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Successful applications will:
  • Reflect diocesan initiatives: addictions and recovery ministries, poverty, literacy, hunger, anti-racism, and anti-violence.
  • Include one or more of the following: human rights advocacy, health or human service program, lay leadership empowerment.
  • Look outward in the best missionary tradition of the church – outreach to new people and populations that we do not ordinarily reach or see in our own pews.
  • Be sustainable after the Ministry Network grant has expired – The organization applying for funds must demonstrate plans to sustain the ministry after the grant concludes.
  • Be supported by at least one congregation of the diocese with both financial and people resources. The ministry should encourage collaboration and networking among congregations and/or agencies and increase the mission initiatives by the people of the diocese.
  • Be available to share as a model for other congregations/networks in the diocese and in the Episcopal Church.

Networking grants will facilitate addressing these societal concerns, common to all our communities, from Indian River to Harsens Island.

Previous grant amounts have varied between $1,500 and $20,000.


Apply for a Grant

Click here to access the 2019-2020 Application.

The deadline for submitting grants is September 30th, 2019.