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Storytelling Project

About the Project

Eastern Michigan will celebrate 25th years of ministry as a community this fall at our Diocesan Convention. As we embark on the next stage of our journey together, we want to reflect and celebrate all we’ve accomplished – both as a diocese and in our individual communities.

Delegates to the Special Convention at St. Christopher’s, Grand Blanc gather to elect a bishop in 2006.


Join the Project!

All congregations and other communities of Eastern Michigan are invited and encouraged to participate in our Storytelling Project. One aspect of this project is a community survey – tell the story of the work you are doing, of those that came before you, and of where you might be heading next in life together.

So that we can gather the stories for the Convention, the deadline to submit your response is October 1st.

The survey is long, and may take over an hour to complete. We recommend using the questions to conduct conversations with a wider group in your community before submitting your responses.

Click here to take the survey.

We will compile each community’s responses and create a document, available to each congregation and diocesan leadership as a snapshot profile of life and mission in your place at this time. We will also use the data to expand our congregations’ stories on the Episcopal Asset Map, the storytelling tool and directory used by the diocese and the wider church.


Questions? Comments? Contact one of the project coordinators, Canon Katie Forsyth at or the Rev. Chuck Curtis at