A Reminder from Bishop Cate

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Bishop Cate reminds the congregations of the diocese to participate in the 25th Anniversary Storytelling Project.
The following is a transcript of Bishop Cate’s video message:
Our 25th anniversary as a diocese is coming up. Today, I want to remind you about a project that we are undertaking in the Diocese of Eastern Michigan to provide for ourselves a story –  the history of this diocese and all parishes in it.
What we’d really like to do is provide for all of you, a description of each parish, a brief history, and a description of the things that you were doing and the things that you discern God is calling you to be about in the future.
What I would suggest is that you not just ask two or three people to put this survey together. Set aside a time, perhaps a coffee hour, or even a special meeting, to talk about the questions on the survey. Use it as an opportunity to generate ideas for input – to talk to each other about the things you really feel like celebrating, the things that have been exciting for you especially over the last 25 years, or the things that excite you when you think about being able to do even more.
You’re already doing very special things together. We want to know about all of that.
We want all the parishes to be able to celebrate each other, but we want you to be able to celebrate. The folks in Harrisville need to be able to celebrate what the parishes in Port Huron, or Lapeer, or Flint are doing. The parishes in Saginaw need to be able to celebrate what’s happening in Indian River, or in Alpena. And there are many causes for celebration.
Please participate in this project, and remember that the deadline for getting all of this in is October 1st. So, have those meetings right away and gather that information and send it in. We look forward to seeing all of you at convention.
I feel very privileged to be able to be a part of this moment in your history. We ought to be able to celebrate some wonderful things together, your 25th anniversary as a diocese. So, I look forward to seeing you in October in Bay City. And thank you in advance for participating in this.
God has been blessing you and will continue to bless you, and my blessings go with that as well.
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