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Campers and staff gather in worship at St. Andrew's Chapel at Camp Chickagami.
Campers and staff gather in worship at St. Andrew’s Chapel at Camp Chickagami.

Camp Chickagami came into my life 4 years ago and it has changed me. A friend asked me if I would consider volunteering at Camp Chick when we moved back to Michigan. I dipped my toe in the water…literally…at a Camp Chickagami work weekend. I knew then that the waters of Lake Esau had worked their magic and I agreed to be on a Christian Formation Team that summer.

Camp Chickagami came into my life 4 years ago and it has changed me.

Fast forward a bit and now Transfiguration Episcopal Church has made the huge commitment of sending children to Camp Chickagami at a time that the church really did not have children attending the church. That year 14 children took us up on scholarships to attend Camp Chickagami. Again the camp by the waters of Lake Esau worked their magic on the children and on me. I was fortunate enough to give one of our campers a ride home from camp that year. We sang camp songs on the entire drive back to Indian River.

That magic continues in Indian River as we bring a bit of camp into Transfiguration Church each month at our Messy Church service. Our campers almost always lead us in prayer before we eat together. Camp songs have also crept into our Messy Church Worship. Sanctuary or Put Your Angel Wings On are frequent requests.

Missy and community members of Indian River sing the “Superman Grace” at a recent Messy Church event at Transfiguration.

The Camp Chickagami brochures for 2016 were sent out last month. Children came to Messy Church with the brochures in hand. They wanted to know all about the camp sessions this summer. They also wanted to know if they would be allowed to bring friends to Camp Chickagami with them this summer. Once again our mission committee has agreed to give out scholarships to camp, so I know we will have children from Indian River at Camp with us. I do not know how many children will be joining us at Camp Chickagami this summer. What I do know is that all of us will drive away from camp with the love of Jesus in our hearts and our lives changed forever.

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