Convention Challenge: Flint Water Crisis

Flint is thirsty and you bring us water.

This very loose paraphrase of Matthew 25:35 is a reminder that our brothers and sisters in Flint are still in desperate need of clean, safe drinking and cooking water.

Although last week, Governor Snyder announced that Flint would return to the Detroit municipal system, it is not an immediate fix. It will be weeks before the transition is completed. Months before lead levels begin to drop. And years before the damage to the pipes from the corrosive water is truly understood and repaired.

So the water crisis here in Flint is not over.

I am asking everyone who is attending Diocesan Convention to heed the words of Matt. 25:35 and bring some bottled water with you. If you are not coming to the convention, perhaps you can give some water to your delegation to bring with them.

Please deliver the water to St. Paul’s when you come for the closing Eucharist. St. Paul’s is on the forefront of distribution to those in need in partnership with St. Andrew’s, Crossover Downtown Outreach Ministries, Christ Enrichment Center, the United Way, and the Genesee County Food Bank. Bishop Ousley will bless the donated water during the service.

Thank you in advance for helping to alleviate the water crisis with your generous donation of living water to our Flint brothers and sisters.

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