General Convention Meetings


You are invited to participate in upcoming regional gatherings before and after this summer’s General Convention.

The General Convention is the decision making body of The Episcopal Church. Made up of the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops, it gathers every three years to take up the business of the church – voting on resolutions, worshipping together, and having conversations about what it means to be an ancient community of faith in a modern age. The 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church will take place this July in Austin, Texas.

Our deputation has planned two sets of gatherings for our diocese – Pre-General Convention Meetings and Post-General Convention Meetings.

At the Pre-General Convention Meetings, we’ll hear from our deputies and bishop on what we expect to come up at the church-wide level. We’ll also learn how to stay connected with the deputation while they’re in Austin.

At the Post-General Convention Meetings, we’ll hear again from our deputies and bishop on what happened in Austin – what resolutions were passed, how will they affect our diocese and our individual congregations?

I invite you to join us and to participate in the conversation. Each gathering will take place from 7-8pm. Please RSVP to help us plan for space.


The Eastern Michigan Deputation to the General Convention


Pre-General Convention Meetings:
Post-General Convention Meetings:

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