Safeguarding & Safe Church

The safety of our people – young and all – is of the utmost importance in our congregations. Our Safe Church policies and procedures help create safe and transparent communities for all.


Safeguarding God’s Children™ training is a mandatory condition for employment within the Diocese of Eastern Michigan as well as for some Volunteer positions. Our policy requires that an employee or volunteer must receive training every three years either in-person or online.


This program was created by the Church Pension Group in association with Praesidium, Inc., in response to General Convention Resolution A156 which calls for dioceses to develop and institute policies for training.

Contact the Diocesan Office at 877-752-6020 for your online log-in or to inquire about any upcoming in-person training.


Safeguarding God’s People is an in-depth educational and training program for preventing sexual exploitation of church workers in everyday life and ministry.

While the Episcopal Church has done much work and education of clergy about sexual exploitation in pastoral relationships over the past decade, we now know more about the behaviors involved and the reasons they occur. Those finding have been incorporated into Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith. This program is designed to include not only clergy, but adults in the congregation who might become victims of sexual exploitation and who can, with increased awareness, help prevent sexual exploitation in their congregation.

Contact Person

McKenzie Knill
Director of Children, Youth, and Young Adult Formation