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Diocesan Convention

The 25th Diocesan Convention

The Convention will gather October 18-19, 2019 at the DoubleTree Riverfront in Bay City, MI.

Business Results:

  • Resolution 1 – Passed
  • Resolution 2 – Withdrawn
  • Resolution 3 – Passed
  • Resolution 4 – Passed
  • Elected Bishop Provisional: The Rt. Rev. Whayne M. Hougland, Jr.
  • Elected to the Standing Committee: The Rev. Brian Chace, Gary Grinn
  • Elected Lay Deputy to General Convention: Elizabeth Jordan, Carol Moggo, Ellen McVey, Sara Philo
  • Elected Clergy Deputy to General Convention: The Rev. Pam Lynch, The Rev. Sue Rich, The Rev. Tyler Ricahrds, The Rev. Canon Michael Spencer
  • 2020 Budget


Presentations & Media: