The Episcopal Church is committed to protect all of God’s beloved from sexual abuse, harassment, and exploitation. The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan offers resources to help your parish or institution maintain a place that is safe for all.

Safe Church, Safe Communities: Training & Equipping

The Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan safeguards all of God’s children. We commit to creating safe environments, especially for children, youth, and vulnerable adults, from sexual, physical and/or personal abuse or exploitation.

As part of the policies and procedures for the Diocese of Eastern Michigan, all people who engage in pastoral relationships must do the following: 

1. familiarize themselves with the diocesan Safe Church policies; 

2. complete Safe Church training every three years;

3. submit to a background check every five years.

These training modules and our diocesan policies for Safe Church are intended to provide you with the tools and insights to take an active role in keeping our communities safe. They will give our communities a vocabulary for discussing the issues of sexual misconduct and harassment and assist in and teach all of us healthy boundaries and loving ways to interact with the children and other adults in our midst. This will further the crucial mission of transforming all of our churches into truly safe spaces for God’s beloved children.

Contact Person:

Angela Krueger
Bishop’s Assistant

Contact Person:
FOr Policy

McKenzie Knill
Director of Children, Youth, and Young Adult Formation