Young Adult Ministries

Connecting the young adult community of the Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan. 


The Young Adult Network of Eastern and Western Michigan is an emerging group of young adults gathering to talk about God and Church in the context of being a young adult. While we are primarily connected to the Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan, our community includes non-Episcopalians and non-Eastern and Western Michiganders. 

“Young Adult” is often a constraining term. For us, it encompasses college-aged folks through Gen X.

Roughly once a month, we gather in homes to share a meal, conversation, and to pray Compline together. We’re expecting this to return this Fall after a long-COVID hiatus!

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Those college aged through Gen X are invited to spend a long weekend at Camp Chick as we form deeper relationships with God. Our flexible program will include time alone and with the larger group with a special focus on our connection with food and community. Retreat participants are welcome to bring their kids.

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Young adults from across the two dioceses are invited to join our Young Adult Network Facebook Group to remain in conversation with one another, stay in touch about upcoming opportunities, and to share invitations to local happenings.

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Contact Person

McKenzie Knill
Director of Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry