Resources for diocesan communications – for congregations, for individuals, and for our local news media.


The Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan is committed to sharing our story and the Good News with the world.

Please visit our NEWS page to read the latest from Eastern Michigan.

News organizations may contact Katie Forsyth at or at 810-569-8272 with any inquiries for comment or to arrange an interview with diocesan leadership or other clergy or leaders in the diocese.

A Press Kit is available with history and information about the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan, official photos of the bishop, and some explanations of religious terms and titles.

Katie Forsyth, Canon for Evangelism and Networking, at 877-752-6020 or

Let’s collaborate on communications and evangelism within and beyond your congregation. The bishop’s office will offer periodic opportunities for workshops and skills building for the diocese. Beyond those opportunities, Canon Forsyth will work one-on-one with congregations for local evangelism and storytelling.

Here are some examples of resources and tools to equip evangelism and communications ministries in the congregation:

  • Strategic Communications Planning – a process to discern what we have to say and how we might say it.
  • Practicing sharing our faith – conversations within the congregation to discover and develop our own faith stories.
  • Building an online presence through a website and social media development and training.
  • Training in digital best practices – how to use the digital space, what content works best, etc.
  • What else might we work on?

Join our resource group on Facebook with communications and evangelism staff and volunteers from Eastern and Western Michigan.

Contact Person

Katie Forsyth
Canon for Evangelism & Networking