The Biblical Wild

A two-year program of study, reading the entirety of the New and Old Testament, hosted by our former bishop, the Rt. Rev. Todd Ousley. 

The Biblical Wild is an award-winning interactive bible study for individuals, small groups, neighborhoods, and congregations. By joining us on the journey into the wilds of Holy Scripture you will experience firsthand the joys and surprise, perplexities and challenges, presented by Biblical study.

It is a web series featuring a short, five-minute video with discussion questions reflecting on the week’s readings. In 2015, we took on the Old Testament. In 2016, we journeyed through the New Testament. Taken together, these two year-long studies of the entirety of the Old and New Testaments lay a firm foundation for our continued efforts to live more fully into God’s Dream of Jubilee.

Contact Person

Katie Forsyth
Canon for Evangelism & Networking