COVID – Directives Exit

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

With great joy, we announce that the lower peninsula dioceses in Michigan (Eastern Michigan, Michigan, and Western Michigan) will exit our joint pandemic directives, The Plan for Re-Entry for Great Lakes Episcopalians, effective today, October 10th.

Recognizing that COVID is still present in our communities, we believe we are at a place in our “new normal” where congregational leadership has the experience, the tools, and the authority to determine what policies are appropriate for their local context and the community that they serve. This “phase-less” iteration of our pandemic response will move forward indefinitely unless an unexpected and significant surge were to take place, calling us back into heightened safety precautions.

Please continue to monitor your local situation and make changes accordingly to best protect your members. Continue to encourage common sense ways to care for one another, such as staying home when feeling under the weather, wearing masks whenever that feels appropriate, testing for COVID when exposed or experiencing symptoms, and getting recommended vaccinations and boosters when they are available.

Questions about this change or our previous directives should be routed to either Canon Katie Forsyth, (Eastern and Western Michigan), or to Canon Jo Ann Hardy, (Michigan).

Yours in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Prince G. Singh
Bishop Provisional
The Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern & Western Michigan

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bonnie Perry
The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan