Financial Reviews for the year end 2023

Friends and Colleagues,

Financial Reviews for the year 2023 are due to the diocesan office by September 1, 2024. Should there be any issue in meeting this deadline, please contact me to discuss an extension.

This email contains important information to prepare for your financial review. This notice is being sent to clergy, listed parish administrators, and our 2024 list of wardens and treasurers.

As always, if you ever have any questions regarding the review procedure or preparing for the review, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Sara Philo
Chief Financial Officer & Benefits Administrator
The Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan

Preparing for Your Review

A list of available reviewers is linked below.

Please contact one of the trained reviewers to check their availability to conduct your annual financial review. There are several reviewers to select from if one is unavailable. Please keep in mind the location of the reviewer in relation to your church. Select a reviewer as close to you as possible as some may have restrictions on ability to travel long distances.

Please read the Financial Review Prep List to see a detailed list of the documents you will need to have ready for the reviewer upon their arrival. 

Your treasurer must be present during the financial review and all documents on the prep list must be available. If your reviewer arrives for your financial review and either of the above are not available you will have to reschedule the financial review and pay the reviewer twice for time and travel. There would be no exceptions to this.

Resources for your Review

Click each link to access the following documents:

These are also available on the Business & Administration resource page of the diocesan website.