Deputation to General Convention

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church takes place every three years. Each diocese sends a deputation to join the House of Deputies, conducting the business of the church at an international level. Deputies are elected by the diocesan convention.


Dr. Elizabeth Jordan
St. Paul’s, Flint

Carol Moggo
St. Francis, Grayling

Ellen McVey, Chair
St. John’s, Midland

Sara Philo,
St. John’s, Midland

Linda Rathburn, Alternate
St. Christopher’s, Grand Blanc


The Rev. Pamela Lenartowicz
St. Andrew’s, Gaylord

The Rev. Nancy Mayhew,
St. Alban’s, Bay City

The Rev. Curt Norman
St. John’s, Saginaw

The Rev. Thomas Manney
St. Paul’s, Bad Axe and St. John’s, Dryden

The Rev. Don Davidson, Alternate
St. Paul’s, Flint

  • Reporting back from Baltimore
  • Reflecting on any legislation that will have a particular impact on our dioceses

RSVP for July 28th, 7-8:30pm.
RSVP for July 30th, 10-11:30am.

Contact Person

Ellen McVey, Chair
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