Episcopal young people are invited to join regional youth missioners, the Rev. Beckett Leclaire (Deacon – St. John’s, Dryden; Youth Missioner Admin) and the Rev. Joel Turmo (Rector – St. Timothy’s, Richland; Youth Missioner for the Southern Collaborative) for an opportunity to participate in a free youth-focused, online confirmation class as preparation for diocesan confirmation services next year.


Youth entering 7th-12th grades unable to participate in youth-focused confirmation classes in their home congregation are invited to participate in a weekly one-hour online Zoom class every Sunday afternoon from 4 to roughly 5pm beginning October 1st and running through March 17, 2024. Upon completion of the program, students who feel they are ready to make a mature affirmation of faith may be registered for any diocesan confirmation service.

We encourage the families and faith communities of our students to actively support their student by praying for them, discussing the content of their classes, and by providing logistical support to ensure that students are able to attend and be fully engaged with their classes.

With questions, please contact the Rev. Beckett Leclaire at / or the Rev. Joel Turmo at /

Sundays, October 1st - March 17, 2024




There is no cost to participate in the confirmation classes. Please register before the first class, October 1st.