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The Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan is organized into several bodies of governance.

The organizing documents of the diocese are the Constitution and Canons, last updated in 2018.

The Diocesan Convention

The annual Diocesan Convention of the diocese is composed of all canonically resident clergy and up to four elected lay delegates per each parish. The convention elects diocesan leadership and takes up other business as appropriate.

The details of the most recent convention and the journals from previous conventions are available on this page.

The Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is an elected body of the diocese charged as council to the bishop, and oversees other business, including consents to bishop elections in other dioceses. The Standing Committee holds the Ecclesiastical Authority when there is an absence in the Office of the Bishop.

The current membership of the Standing Committee is the following:

Janet Huff Worvie, President
St. John’s, Otter Lake

The Rev. Brian Chace
Trinity, West Branch

Gary Grinn
St. Paul’s, Gladwin

Barb Ilkka
St. John’s, Saginaw

The Rev. Deacon Anna Leigh Kubbe
Holy Family, Blue Water

Contact the Standing Committee at

Executive summaries of the minutes are available at this link. For detailed minutes, please visit the diocesan office.

The Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council is an elected body of the diocese. It administers the secular affairs of the diocese in addition to other business, including the adoption of the budget. It is the governing authority of the diocese when the Convention is not in session.

The current membership of the Diocesan Council is the following:

The six members of the Standing Committee, plus…

The Rev. Ken Hitch
St. John’s, Midland

Dr. Elizabeth Jordan
St. Paul’s, Flint

The Rev. Anna Leigh Kubbe
Holy Family, St. Clair

Kay Leclaire
Grace, Lapeer

Jerry Rucker
St. Jude’s, Fenton